Shangchengxiang born in 1985 in Shenyang

Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts 2004-2008

Solo  Exhibition

2018 "Borderline" ART LABOR Gallery, Shanghai

2015 "Threshold" space station Gallery, Beijing

2014 "cloud atlas" space station Gallery, Beijing

2013 "31.20 ° N-121.21 ° E", Shanghai SWATCH Art Center, Shanghai

2012 "wild dream", the space station Gallery, Beijing

Group Exhibition

2017"The unknown future"NIUMuseumShiJiaZhuang

2017"Premises of Affection"LinkGallery,Beijing

2017 "SIMULACRUM LIVING", ShenZhen Art Museum, ShenZhen

2017  "New Space" , ART LABOR Gallery, Shanghai

2017 "Theory of Evolution" space station Gallery, Beijing

2017 "Celebrating 10 years of ART LABOR", ART LABOR Gallery, Shanghai

2016 "Unkown Landscape without Anyone", EnjoyArtMuseum, Beijing

2016 "Fireflowers", ART LABOR Gallery, Shanghai

2016 "Qing Jin plan" Guanshanyue Museum, Shenzhen

2016 "King-style profile award", Today Art Museum, Beijing

2016 "Qing Jin plan" positive outlook Art Museum, Beijing

2015 "paradise on earth", Jinji Lake Art Museum, Suzhou

2015 "subconscious torrent", blue mirror Art Center, Beijing

2015 "Horse Ear Mountain plan," Shenyang

2015 "NAISSANCE", Today Art Museum, Beijing

2014 "Surface and marks", Shanghai SWATCH Art Center, Shanghai

2014 "sleepwalking color border", ART LABOR Gallery, Shanghai

2014 "in Wuhan - Fine Arts Literature Art Center decade" Fine Arts Literature Art Center decade, Wuhan

2013 "unlimited Trends" Open Art Space Shanghai

2013 "9m2 Art Museum", the German Consulate Goethe Institute, Shanghai

2013 "festival to enjoy the heat," Galaxy SOHO, Beijing

2013 "little victories gallery", Shanghai

2013 swatch Arts Center resident, Shanghai

2012 "return - a visual way," Lu Mei Art Museum, Shenyang

2012 "Presentation wrong track", Tang Contemporary Art, Beijing

2012 "many worlds" ladder Space Gallery, Beijing

2012 "tipping" Beijing International Exhibition Center, Beijing

2012 "Northern Mirror," He Hui Art Center, Shanghai

2011 "Social and Spiritual Practice Narrative" Blue Roof Art Museum, Chengdu

2010 "discovered" by the US Consulate in Shenyang Favorites

2009 "Ten years," Lu Mei Art Museum, Shenyang

2009 "Northeast. Northeast ", Incense blue Art Museum, Shenyang

2008 "New Northeast power", Highland Gallery, Beijing

2008 "New Vision '08: film", He Xiangning Art Museum, Guangzhou

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